Unveiling Hawkins Research Ltd: Where Expertise, Community, and Innovation Converge.

At Hawkins Research Ltd, founded and directed by Gemma Hawkins, dedication and expertise merge to shape our mission. With over 12 years of experience spanning qualitative consumer, B2B, and medical research across the UK, EU, and US markets, Gemma brings a wealth of industry knowledge. Her recent distinction in the Market Research Society Recruiter Accreditation attests to her commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gemma's ethos extends to community support, including local charity events and contributing to the NHS. Her insights into patient recruitment challenges, as published in a patient magazine, underscore our commitment to overcoming industry hurdles. At Hawkins Research Ltd, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive database of diverse respondents, ensuring tailored solutions for every project, from in-depth interviews to online surveys. Our dedication to professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and client communication drives us to deliver unparalleled results, every time.

Our Awards!

Celebrating Excellence: Hawkins Research Ltd Receives Prestigious Accolades.

At Hawkins Research Ltd, our commitment to excellence and innovation has garnered recognition from industry leaders. We are honored to be named Qualitative Market Research Advisory Firm of the Year in the United Kingdom by Corporate INTL Global Awards 2024. Additionally, our founder, Gemma Hawkins, has been acknowledged for her leadership and influence with the Influential Women in Business Award 2024. These accolades join our esteemed collection, including the Award of Excellence from the Research & Development Awards in both 2022 and 2023. These awards affirm our dedication to delivering superior market research solutions and further motivate us to uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our industry.

Our Reviews!

Rave Reviews: Hawkins Research Delivers Exceptional Service According to Clients

At Hawkins Research, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing testimonials from our valued clients. From consumers to patient/caregivers, our diverse clientele has consistently praised our professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to their needs. Whether it's creating a seamless and secure process for market research participation or providing invaluable insights into medical conditions, our team goes above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. With each review highlighting our transparency, responsiveness, and genuine care for participants, Hawkins Research Ltd continues to set the standard for exceptional service in the industry

"New to market research I felt unsure about taking part however, the team at Hawkins Research made me feel at ease. They are so informative and helpful and I really enjoyed the whole process. Would highly recommend as a participant and I would now take part again, supporting market research and the impact it can have."

DC, Hertfordshire, UK

"My 15 year old daughter recently took part in an interview arranged by Hawkins Research and it was a very efficient process from the initial recruitment through to the interview itself. Everything was explained clearly beforehand so we knew what to expect in terms of the interview content, duration and payment. Great care was taken with consent and data protection and there was flexibility offered on interview date and time. The interview was carried out via zoom which was very easy and convenient. The interviewer was extremely courteous and made everything clear. Payment was received promptly by bank transfer after the interview. All in all, it felt a very straight forward, safe and secure process. We have taken part in a number of interviews now and would happily do more. It's good to feel you are contributing to research, especially when it is something that is a significant part of your life (in our case, my childrens medical conditions) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to others."

JC, Suffolk, UK

"I have done a few market research's now for Gemma and I've thoroughly enjoyed each one. It's such a great way to help companies evolve and develop with the consumer in mind. Gemma is always incredibly friendly and always very responsive and helpful. I hope to do more studies for Gemma and her team in the future."

RH, Leeds, UK

"Hawkins Research Ltd are very professional and friendly end to end. Whether that be applying for research, getting recruited, or responding to a query for anyone that's new to research. I found the studies to be very interesting and got compensated nicely for my time. Very happy and will continue to apply for researches through them."

MN, Hertfordshire, UK

"I was recruited by a lovely lady called Gemma to take part in some genuine Market Research on 'Parkinson's Disease', which I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in; not only for the satisfaction of providing my help & feedback on a matter so close to my heart, but also for what I could learn from it and the reward was just a bonus (of which I was paid swiftly!). Everything went smooth, Gemma was a pleasure to deal with and I felt very reassured from her, that all my details were safe and there was absolutely no hidden sales agenda whatsoever. I hope to be able to help on another topic soon"

NB, Berkshire, UK

"I have participated in a few surveys arranged through Hawkins Research Ltd. These have concerned Myelofibrosis and blood related cancers to date. I have found everyone involved to be friendly, understanding, knowledgeable and efficient. I would be happy to complete further surveys as I am always confident that the information obtained will be handled in a confidential and professional manner".

CL, Hampshire, UK

"I saw an appeal by Hawkins Research looking for children who have JIA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) and their parents to take part in a research study. I contacted Gemma who arranged two interviews for myself and my son (15 years old) at a time appropriate for us both. This was all done very efficiently. My son and I were then interviewed independently by the researchers, and considering it was done via video link due to the pandemic, it all went well. Once we had completed our interviews we were then paid promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for any studies from Gemma at Hawkins Research again. Everything was completed professionally and efficiently, it was made very clear about what is required for each study and they are always happy to be contacted if clarification is required about anything".

LP, Northampton, UK

For many of us with rare blood disease it is extremely difficult to know just what is happening in the medical world to help us cope and the various shielding measures have made this even more difficult. Being able to take part in online surveys has been a life saver for me as it has given me the opportunity of expressing just how hard it can be to live day by day with such uncertainty. All blood cancers are different, and each person responds to identical treatment in a variety of ways, some positive and some not so positive. So just knowing that someone out there cares enough to ask how we are, what do we need and how can they help makes a world of difference and the surveys have given that to me. Hawkins Research Ltd has reassured me that there are people working hard to make things better and the information they produce is patient lead dealing with real situations. I like that Hawkins Research Ltd gives the opportunity of talking to someone who is really interested as me as a person what I think, how I feel and how I cope, safe in the knowledge that my opinions, whilst anonymous, might just help someone else on a similar journey.

DM, Scotland

"I participated in a research study as a caregiver to my son who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Recruitment was a smooth process and both the study and details about the interview format were clearly explained. This company is genuine, my opinions felt valued and I was financially rewarded for my time. I shared my experiences of looking after my son in the hope the treatment and services for those with DMD can be improved - a very important study."

SS, London, UK

At Hawkins Research Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional market research solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our founder, Gemma Hawkins, brings over 12 years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, evident in our prestigious awards, including Qualitative Market Research Advisory Firm of the Year in the UK. Our clients' rave reviews further underscore our dedication to professionalism, transparency, and participant satisfaction. From consumers to patient/caregivers, our diverse clientele consistently praises our efficiency, genuine care, and the seamless process we provide. At Hawkins Research Ltd, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring our clients receive the insights they need to thrive in today's competitive market landscape.